Location: OC Buurthuis Ontmoetingscentrum "De Drie Gapers"  Timmermanstraat 1, 8400 Oostende, Belgium

Open from  july 18th  2015 till october 20th 2015 each day except saturdays and sunday, from 1:00  p.m -  4:30 pm

Modern abstract paintings of works by its "GREVOLUTION" known artist Gloria Romberg and "The Lovely Hearties" cartoons with the cheerful Hearties figures of female cartooniste StellaR are exhibited in a nice intimate atmosphere.

The modern colorful works of the artist Gloria Romberg with the "main themes" architecture, ecology and life in our future give a good positive feeling to the people who look at  her powerful paintings. They are so much different than the often dark and obscure paintings in the art world of today.

The cartoons of the female cartooniste StellaR with the cheerful Hearties figures are different from many current comics and cartoons. The Hearties are not mean. They are no angry looking birds, no hard-faced heroes or warriors,, they do not fight in wars, but they will bring joy everywhere and put a smile on the faces of the people.

This "Double Feature" exhibition presents a really good combination of works by two artists with a positive orientation.

(Lynn Marksham)

More about cartooniste StellaR and The Hearties here: