Talk about the GREVOLUTION - Exhibition BRUGGE  (BE)

The Windows Project   -  16.04. - 30.04. 2016   BRUGGE - Lissewege (BE)

Art Gallery FOTOON    Walram-Romboudtstraat 5

This exhibition is a "Windows Project". The works are not exhibited inside the artgallery itself, but in the front windows.
The artgallery is closed during the exhibition period.
By this, not only artlovers will see the paintings, but also people who would never walk into a gallery.
Choosing this way for this special exhibition, Gloria Romberg brings her art to the people, not only the people to her art.
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Being interested in the works, please contact the artgallery owner via
Email: Art Gallery Fotoon     or
Phone international:  0032 472 58 09 49
Telephone national:   0472 58 09 49