Gloria Romberg, artist from Oostend (BE) shows a selection of her works in the exposition "Orange + Trees GREVOLUTION".

The paintings of the "Golden Orange Collection" , already shown in the "Art-Square Gallery" in Gent (BE) and her "ArTTrees",

exposed with success during the well-known  "Beeldenroute Lissewege" in Lissewege (BE) this year, find their way home,

finally to be seen in Oostend.

All these works are made in her unique GREVOLUTION style.

The exposition runs from october 20 till october 22 at the "Economisch Huis" located on

" Graaf de Smet de Naeyerlaan no.4"  in Oostend

during the artists event "Buren bij kunstenaares" (Neighbours at artists)



Economisch Huis Oostend"  on  "Graaf de Smet de Naeyerlaan no.4"   in Oostend


Opening hours:

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